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Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Lindsay Lohan

Poor you, having to take some responsibility for yourself. I can't imagine the horror of having to face up to what you've done. We're all crying for you over here, you poor, poor thing.



P.S. I hope you rot in jail for what you did to my friend and her sweet child. ROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nobodyspecial said...

"Love Jill"?
I just don't think you really mean that last part.

Unknown said...

Are you accusing me of using sarcasm in some form?

Anonymous said...

do you really know someone who is a right wing bastard? where did we go wrong ?

Nobodyspecial said...

As a matter of fact,I think if I could spell disengenuous, I might use it to describe some of the things in that letter.

Unknown said...

I would be happy to comment on your comment if I were able to spell desingenuous, as well

Nobodyspecial said...

Tell Anonymous that all right wing bastards are not bad. Just me. :)

Kat said...

you have heard my Lindsay-Fucking-Lohan story, right?

Lindsay. Fucking. Lohan.

She messed us up for a while. seriously.

Unknown said...

NO! No, I have NOT heard your Lindsay-Fucking-Lohan story, and I INSIST that you tell me immediately.

desfaber said...

Man, crying chicks are hot.

Nobodyspecial said...

I bet you could find a porn site with just crying chicks on it. I know the Japanese like that.

Kat said...

Jasper. 4 years old. Autism with OCD tendencies. Terrified of all planes and helicopters that fly overhead. Runs in a panic off floor or sidewalk onto some imagined "safe spot"--a piece of furniture or someone's front stoop. Panic level is increasing, living with this becomes somewhat dire as we live kind of near a small airport.

I spend a great deal of time dealing with panic, and a small child scrambling and clawing his way up my leg every time the faintest noise comes from the sky. We work on it constantly. I want to tear my own eyes out of my head at times.

Things have come to a head due to the fact that i also moved some furniture in his room, causing him to fear treading on the floor of his own room. He runs in an extreme panic from door to bed. I have only recently gotten him to go back into his own bedroom at all. He is still freaked out by the floor.

One day during this very time period, at about four in the fucking morning, we are awakened by what sounds like armeggedon outside our windows. at least 10 or more helicopters are circling and circling low in the sky, making freakishly loud passes by our rooftops. FOR HOURS. It sounds like the world is coming to an end. The windows are actually rattling and the walls are shaking. jasper SCREAMS BLOODY FUCKING MURDER for about 15 minutes straight he sobs desperately until the sun comes up. He freaks out his entire endocrine system for good and he NEVER STEPS FOOT ON THE FLOOR AGAIN FOR A FUCKING YEAR. Not for a year. Only in our home. He does not sit on the floor, walk on the floor, play on the floor FOR A YEAR. He cries screams and panics and spends an entire year racing in a deathly panic from one piece of furniture to the next. Our days at home are one long freaking panic episode. for an entire year.

The helicopters were PAPARAZZI and news copters that followed L.F.L to the santa monica courthouse where she ended up after her drunk driving/cocaine binge episode. Which we are unfortunate enough to live less than a mile away from, at the top of the hill that overlooks the area.


Thought bubble over my head for weeks: "Now it's personal, LFL"

the end.

Unknown said...

Oh my GOD. That's the worst story I've ever heard! I fucking hate her so much more now than I ever did before. FUCK YOU, LFL!!! I HOPE YOU ROT!!!

Kat said...

yes. I smiled like a demented cheshire cat when i heard her get sentenced. because karma is a bitch, missy.

my bitch.

Unknown said...

LOL Hubs says your story is "reddit-worthy." You should submit it

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