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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm off to #BlogHer14!

Hello blogging audience to whom I have not spoken in some time. So sorry about my uneventful absence. This weekend I'm headed to San Jose to attend BlogHer and I kind of figured that I should probably... you know... blog something. What with going to a blogging conference and all that. And telling people that I'm a blogger. I should probably actually do that. Just to keep up appearances, anyway.

So I'll arrive Friday and leave on Sunday. My only real plan is to do KARAOKE, BITCHES! Which is happening on Friday night after VOTY. And I've already figured out what I'm wearing that night, so in the interest of saving time I thought I'd show you all a picture of what I will look like so that you can spot me easily.

So if you see me, say hi. But be warned: I'm a hugger.

Oh, I have the app thingy, so... add me as a friend or whatever.