xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Yeah. Good Times.: Dude, where's my comment?

Dude, where's my comment?

So, I use Intense Debate for my commenting here, and as many of you are already aware, it can be rather buggy. I comment here far more than anybody else, and here are some things that I've found:
  • I will post a comment and it won't actually go through. I will post again and then 3 hours later there will be 2 of them.
  • I will post a comment and it WILL go through, but then I come back later and it's not there anymore (this is actually quite common).
  • I'll get an email notification of a comment from you guys and when I click on the link to reply, it won't actually be there
  • I will post a comment and it will go through, when I come back later and it's gone I'll post it again. A week later there will be 2 of them.

So. If you've commented here and it's gone now... or there are 2 of them... or something is weird...? Sorry. I get email notifications which contain your whole comment, so if something looks wiggy, please email me at jillsmo@gmail.com and together? We will put your comment back.

Here are some more fun things that may happen while commenting here:
  • If you've commented before and come back to comment on a different post, sometimes the entire text of your last message will show up in the comment box. I don't know why. Just delete all the crap that's in the box already and you can comment anew.
  • ALSO! I do not have comment moderation turned on but for some strange reason, random comments will still get stopped by the moderation filter that is not turned on. WTF??? I have no frickin idea. I get an email notification whenever there's a comment that needs moderating and I always approve them, so, yeah.... sorry about that.... I'll approve your comment as soon as I get to my computer (can't do it from my phone).
  • If you try to leave a comment and the shit just keeps spinning and spinning and nothing happens, make sure your browser is using the most current version of Javascript. This is something I hear often and somebody troubleshot that for me once. If you need help figuring out how to upgrade Javascript... fucking google that shit. Don't ask me!