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The Dive Bar

"Thanks so much, Jill.  Your name really is Jill isn't it?  You are so mysterious!  Like a strange little cursing fairy godmother!"
Hey! This isn't "faux dive" .... this is just a dive!

Do you have a family friendly blog? Does your grandmother read what you write? Do you have a reputation of some sort to uphold? Do you ever wish you could just go fucking balls out and write a scathing, curse filled rant but you're afraid that your Brother-in-law might see you talking shit about how much of an asshole you think he is?

If any of this applies to you, I invite you to share your stories here. I have no reputation whatsoever. Think of this as a dark, dank bar and me as a drunken stranger whose name you don't even remember anymore and that you will never see again. Tell your story here. Nobody will ever know.....

The Rules:

Yeah, there are no rules, just write what you want, although maybe stay away from the politics, because politics make me stabby. I will post your story and, by default, I will put your name with a link back to where you blog, but if you don't want that, just let me know. I'll keep it posted forever, or until you chicken out and ask me to take it down, whichever comes first. You don't have to ask first, if you're interested, just send your words to jillsmo @ gmail.com and if you have any limitations or concerns, make sure you tell me. I'm taking submissions on an ongoing basis, and will post them on Saturday or Sunday in a first come first served basis.

Click here to see all the stories I've posted so far.

UPDATE 9/2/11: Just to clarify the purpose of the Dive Bar, this is for you to be able to get something off your chest that you have no other outlet for, this is not the place for you to try to get traffic to your own blog. I am not looking for guest bloggers, my purpose is to allow you a safe space to say something that you want to say. If you send me something that you have previously posted on your own blog or somewhere else, like Band Back Together, I will not post it. That defeats the entire purpose of the Dive Bar, in my opinion. Thank you for your understanding.