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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Next Blog»

Have you ever clicked on that link up there on the top that says "Next Blog>>" and just kept going? You should really try it sometime, I've been at it for a while now. Here are some interesting things that I've learned from this experience:

1.  The Laytons had a baby!! Little Ali was born on March 31st. Mom was induced. Congratulations Laytons!!

2.  People name their kids Ardynn.

3.  There are more blogs written in languages that I don't understand than there are English ones

4.  Some bloggers are extremely talented at turning English into another language that I don't understand

5.  Not every blog on Blogger has that "Next Blog>>" button. That's annoying when you're playing this game

6.  Nobody can ever be as cool as this guy. Ever.  

7.  Some people really.... REALLY.... like their dogs.

8.  Black background/white letters: Why? WHY???????????

9.  Sometimes music will just start playing suddenly while you're sitting there trying to figure out if the blog is written in a language that you speak and it will scare the SHIT out of you.

10.  The Santos family went to Walgreens THREE times this week. I enjoyed looking at their pictures of Honey Nut Cheerios, deodorant and Kotex pads.

11.  There are a whole lot of mom bloggers out there. Yikes.

12.  I got to these pics and had to stop. The Island girls know why.


Lyndsey said...

I was going to hit the "like" button, and then I remembered this wasn't Facebook. Sorry, it's early and my allergy meds are still making me drowsy.

I've played the Next Blog game before. It is certainly eye-opening. I'm sure you're a much better person for knowing about the Santos' trips to Walgreens.

And those pictures.... good gracious!

Nibor said...

I wonder what the folks who play "Next Blog" think when they get your blog?

[Ed. Note: I could swear that I posted this comment yesterday. What exactly is your policy on deleting snarky comments? Or was it a tech fail on my part?]

jillsmo said...

Tech fail! I'll never delete anything.

Unknown said...

Hey, I commented on here yesterday, too!!! Hmmmm . . . .

Floortime Lite Mama said...


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