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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who are your heroes?

I was over reading Brandi's blog where she mentioned that her blogging hero was The Bloggess (is she the one who writes about clown sex?), and I started thinking about who my heroes are, so I thought I'd list them for you, and then I TOTALLY FUCKING INSIST that you tell me who your heroes are. Put them in the comments. Or, should I make this a blog hop? You don't have to use the same categories I did, these are just the people who first came to mind. I'll probably add more as the day goes on.

My blogging hero: Ali Brosh
My comedic hero: Louis CK
My TV hero: Jon Stewart
My musical hero: Bonnie Raitt
My mom/friend hero: Not Just Another Mother Blogger (she knows why)

See above where I totally fucking insist that you list your own.

Update #1: The absence of a "Political hero" was not at all unintentional because I think they all suck.

Update #2: Brandi is so right to list these guys as a musical hero:


Brandi C. said...

My blogging hero: The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson)-the original pantyliner peep

My comedic hero: Louis CK-I agree with you here. He's one funny fuck.

My TV hero: My motherfucking DVR, bitches.

My musical hero: It changes frequently, but right now it's Florence & The Machine. She makes me all kinds of hot!

My daddy/friend hero: The Saintly Idiot. I'm lucky enough to have him as a friend, lover, fiance, blogging partner and biggest fan. I won the fucking lotto with him. Not even kidding.

Jen said...

Oh er, I need to think about this, is that allowed?

jillsmo said...

That is allowed, provided you actually return when you think of something.

Big Daddy Autism said...

My blogging hero: jillsmo
My comedic hero: My boy
My TV hero: TV? Never heard of it
My musical hero: Milli Vanilli
My friend hero: My old lady. She is the shit! (In a good way)

Lynn said...

My blogging hero: jillsmo (too afraid to say anyone else)
My comedic hero: David Letterman
My TV hero: Tina Fey
My musical hero: Neil Young
My mom/friend hero: My girl Aimee whose got the deuce (two SN kids)

Nobodyspecial said...

I'm sorry if this is too sappy but the answer is my wife. I have no blogging hero, or TV, or comic, or musical hero. Those people are for entertainment.My wife supports me when I have to take risks to get ahead, she makes sure I am healthy and happy, she teaches my kids at home and makes sure they are healthy and happy, I could go on and on.... She is my whole life.... and my greatest hero.

Caryn said...

Blogging hero: Gina, over on Special Happens. The woman has talent oozing out of her pores!

Comedic Hero: Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Dunham. C'mon. Achmed the dead terrorist. Need I say more????

TV Hero: Honestly, I don't watch enough TV to have one.

Musical Hero:God. Seriously? Only one?? I can't. I'd have to make a list and we'd be here all night.

My friend hero: my Pappy, who made the blogosphere cry when he blogged about my Logan child.

tulpen said...

blogging hero: Black Hockey Jesus

comedic hero: george carlin

tv hero: the people responsible for Glee (shut up)

musical hero: duh.. my boyfriend

my mom/friend hero: anyone who will put up with me.

TMWHickman said...

OMG!!!!!! I'd like to thank the Academy...and bacon...

My blogging hero: Jillsmo, because she got me to start writing again with her snarky ways and let me see that I didn't have to write five paragraphs like they make you do in high school.

My comedic hero: Eddie Izzard, because he is even funny in French, which I don't even speak, and in Middle English, which I speak even less than French.

My TV hero: Jon Stewart. No explanation needed.

My musical hero: my brother, who is tone deaf, but never lets that stop him on Karaoke nights

My mom/friend hero: Jillsmo again, because there is no way that I could face a third of the obstacles that come with having a child with autism with as much grace and humor as she does. At least without being heavily medicated. Look, and now I'm getting all squishy!

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