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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bath salts? Really?

I've been reading about bath salts; apparently they've been a craze for a while now. Most of us had probably never heard of them until the Zombie apocalypse started in Florida, but now we have no choice but to be all too much aware of them.

I've also been hearing stories about other things people, mostly kids, use to get high, like eating fucking laundry detergent... and I think WTF???? Laundry detergent?? BATH SALTS???? Kids are that desperate to alter their consciousness that they'll use any old shit they find lying around their house, just because it's accessible? REALLY?? In my day we raided our parents' liquor cabinets, apparently that's not good enough anymore.

I would rather buy my kid a bag of weed than have them snort bath salts. I know that will probably be a wildly unpopular opinion, and will create discussions of parents buying their kids alcohol as long as they drink it in the house, and you really want to say that those people are stupid, but BATH SALTS. Fucking bath salts!!!

I don't want my kids eating laundry detergent because it's legal and accessible. Pot, although illegal, is safer than fucking laundry detergent; and more than anything, I want my kids to stay alive. So if buying them illegal drugs that should be legal is the key to keeping them alive? Fuck it. I would do that.

(To the person in the Homeland Security office who reads my blog: I HAVEN'T ACTUALLY DONE THIS, IT'S ALL JUST HYPOTHETICAL!!!!!!!!)

EDIT: Okay, I'm told that the bath salts people snort and smoke to get high are not the same bath salts that you buy at Bed & Bath, it just has a misleading name. The laundry detergent thing is still totally valid, though!!!!!

EDIT2: Apparently kids also separate the alcohol out of hand sanitizer and drink it. There is so much I don't know....