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Monday, August 13, 2012

Nobody will be safe from my troll brain

This is something that happens to me every single day. I'll be sitting at my computer, reading the Wall Street Journal like a boss (yeah, nobody would ever believe that, but I promise you I'm not watching German monkey porn) or, more likely reddit or Facebook or twitter... when suddenly, a seed is planted.....
It will be very subtle at first; so subtle that I won't even notice it. I probably saw one word, in passing... in this case, probably the word "chills," which triggered my subconscious memory of a song that contained the word. I don't actually remember seeing the word, because that's part of the insidious nature of this particular beast. I won't know where it came from. It will, suddenly, just be.
My brain begins to release a toxic mixture of melody and lyric that had, until now, been safely penned up in the back of my subconscious. Just a quick sideways glance at one word will unlock the memory from its brain prison and be set free to rampage....  unfettered, unrestrained.... through my brain.
It's not until the song has done irreparable damage to the inside of my cranium that I even become aware of its presence. By this time, of course, it's too late. The song has taken hold of my head. I am no longer in control of my thoughts; the song is now in control. All I can do is try to drown it out with something better, or stab myself in the ear with an icepick.
Since I rarely actually have an icepick on hand, however, this is usually when I tweet some lyrics and infect at least 10 of you, too. HA HA, suckers! Why should I suffer alone????