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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Awesomeness, written down

I'm cleaning today! Yeah, it's a new year.... it's a new day... it's a new LIIIIIIIIIFE. Oh, sorry, that fucking Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers commercial has been playing constantly on the Food Channel and it's stuck in my head. So, I'm cleaning today, and I ran across this piece of paper. I had once written this up in a Facebook note so I'm just copying and pasting from over there, but still... the awesomeness.... it's so awesome..... This was from May so Child 1 had just turned 8 and Child 2 was not yet 5. I've removed everybody's actual name so some of it might seem confusing

Our wonderful fabulous babysitter had the kids answer some questions for mother's day, from a thingy she downloaded online, and the results were so awesome that they must be shared immediately.

List 3 of your Mom's favorite places to go:

2. Costco
3. McDonalds

1. Works
2. Meetings
3. Rocking ("Rocking" means playing Rock Band)

List 5 special people you would invite to celebrate with your mom:

1. Uncle
2. Babysitter
3. Friend
4. Daddy
5. Child 2

1. New York
2. Daddy
3. Me
4. Child 1
5. Uncle

If you were in charge of cooking for your mom for a day, what would those 3 favorite meals be?

1. Cake
2. Banana, apple
3. Pumpkin seeeeeeeeeeeedsaaaaa

1. Mac and cheese
2. Casserole
3. Chicken nuggets

List 3 chores you would do to help your mom:

1. Bake food
2. Wash clothes
3. Fix her machine that washes clothes before it make a volcano explode

1. Help her remember stuff
2. Kill the bad stuff that makes her sick
3. Help her get hugs

What is your Mom's favorite thing to do?

CHILD 1: Bake food
CHILD 2: Rocking and she really likes cooking and rocking

Unfortunately side 2 of the paper didn't print for Child 1's version so the following are all just Child 2's answers

5 Words to describe my mother are:

1. Funny
2. Impressed and happy when she sees shoes
3. Tall
4. Cats
5. Games

4 Things my Mom does best are:

1. Knock cans over by accident
2. Open a chicken box
3. Play games with me
4. Show me how to turn knobs the right way

My mom really likes it when:

She gets medicine and I ride my scooter fast but she doesn't like it when I fall

2 things I want to tell my mom are:

1. She needs a break
2. She needs to go to sleep


Ashley said...

That really is awesome!! Love it! I'm also impressed and happy when I see shoes.

And, seriously, what the heck is up with that Jennifer Hudson commercial? It's EVERYWHERE. And now the song is back in my head just from thinking about the dang commercial. Ugh.

lebelinoz said...

Your blogging skills didn't make the top four list of things you do best. You must be freaking awesome at opening those chicken boxes.

@jencull said...

lol @ 'impressed and happy when she sees shoes' and WW always kick their adds up a notch in the hope of raking in more revenue with everyones new years resolutions. What.....cynical, me?? Jen

Unknown said...

My favorite is that the thing I do best is knock cans over by accident. I mean... I'm REALLY good at that....

Dani G said...

Well who *isn't* happy when she gets medicine??

This side of Typical said...

*Crying from laughter* chicken boxes! LMAO

And Jennifer Hudson and Weight Watchers can suck it. Yeah, i said it. She's thinner now. I think i can take her.

TMWHickman said...

Just plain awesomeness, all around!!

Unknown said...

TSoT: You could totally take her. I'll help.

Cheryl D. said...

Those are great!

Laura said...

HAHAHA!! This is indeed Awesomeness written down! Oh my goodness, these kiddos of yours are adorable!

Big Daddy Autism said...

Three Questions from Big Daddy:

1. No mention of Target?
2. How did you get so good at knocking over cans?
3. What is a chicken box?

Unknown said...

1. No mention of Target!! Then again, I don't usually take them with me when I go to my happy place. That would defeat the purpose of the happy place, if you had to bring your kids with you every time

2. Practice, practice, practice

3. A chicken box is a box that chicken comes in. Duh.

Nobodyspecial said...

1. Aren't you the mayor of Target, surely you can have a staff member watch the kids.
2. Same way you get to Broadway?
3. Chicken box is self explanatory, I don't see how that is confusing. Pork funnel, on the other hand requires some back story.

Didactic Pirate said...

This is great. I'm not gonna do it, though -- I'm afraid my daughter's answers would be horrifying.

Even more awesome? Your Dive Bar section. I so want to add a story over there. I'll have to put my brain a good one and find the perfect rant.

Unknown said...

Excellent! Send it any time!!

RWB: I'm sorry, but I refuse to explain pork funnel. Remember: what happens at TPL stays at TPL.....

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Children call it like they see it, don't they? Gotta love that. It's how we wish we could be. I saved a few things my sons wrote when they were little. I might have to get those out and have myself a dose of nostalgia.

LOVE the "open the chicken box" thing you do best. Awesome!

Pie Maker said...


MommyToTwoBoys said...

Was gonna ask about the Chicken box but I can see it's been explained.

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