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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm. Awesome. WAIT! Don't go! Hear me out!

I've been given some awards! I know, right? Me? The creator of the ugliest award ever invented? An award so horrifying that the farther out into blogland it goes, the more offended people are when they receive it? Seriously, I saw on somebody's blog somewhere that somebody was actually pissed they got it because the damn thing is so ugly. I don't remember where it was. But, seriously, if you're actually that pissed, why not just ignore it? Isn't that what you do with memes that annoy you? And children? Not that last one? Just me? Okay.

Anyway, speaking of awards and memes, I've been given two this week. TWO.

WAIT! Before you read on, please click on this innocent looking link and then come back. Don't be scared. It will open in a new window so you won't even lose your place. It's okay. I'll wait.


HA HA HA!! SUCKERS!! Okay, anyway, about those awards I've been given.....


The Sylish Blogger award, given to me by Laura at Literary Legs. That's kind of funny, actually, somebody calling me "stylish." She must not know me very well. But thanks Laura! Everybody go over there and follow her, she's smart and she reads a lot. I'm not sure why a smart person who reads a lot would want to give ME an award, maybe she was drunk? No, really, she describes her blog as "Literary Legs is a weblog for creative writers and poets. It is a place to engage in discussion, access writing prompts, and discover valuable resources for artistic expression. It is my hope that this blog will provide inspiration to writers of all walks of life." I bet a lot of you would like that, so go check her out!


A Bloggy Award, given to me by Bella @ If This is Motherhood. I like how this one is straight and to the point. "A Bloggy Award." No beating around the bush, no messing around with fancy names. It's an award for blogging. A Bloggy Award. Nice. Bella wondered if I would be drunk enough to accept this award from her. I said I was just drunk enough to accept it. Thanks Bella! Bella blogs about her two beautiful and gifted children. My favorite post of hers is called "Dignity be Damned." I won't link to it, though, you're just going to have to go over there and find it for yourself. I love awesomely honest posts that make you cringe just a little bit!

I'm pretty sure these awards come with rules, I'm supposed to list some things about myself and then pass it on. I don't really want to list things about myself, though. Not because I'm against sharing things, but because I can never think of anything (that's actually true) when I'm tasked with such a thing, and now is no different. I can very easily make shit up, but that's not how these awards work.

I will, however, pass them on. I think I'm supposed to pick 10 people for the first one and 3 for the second one. Instead I will pick 3 for each and screw the thing listing. There's a pretty good chance that all of these guys have already been given these awards, but fuck it.... you're getting it again, bitches!



YAY!! And now I don't have to think of anything to write about for at least another 24 hours. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

Wow, thanks, so do I get the one with the pink heels, because I like that one best and would be much more interested in putting this on my blog than any others I have seen lately.... not that I don't love balloons, happy kittens and shooting stars just as much.

Thank you though, for the award, I'm honored that you thought of me, no matter which one.

jillsmo said...

Yes, you get the pink heels! I thought you would like them :)

Rebecca said...

I've been voting AND.......leaving a comment, do you get the comments?

jillsmo said...

Comments where? Here? Or at TMB?

RacersMommy said...

YAY me!!! Thank you *deep bow*

Dani G said...

you're fucking funny. I voted for you on top mommy blogs. but not on purpose. And it probably didnt even count since I think I already voted for you today. Who's the sucker now?? Wait....

Cheryl D. said...

Congrats on your two really cool-looking awards! And thanks for bestowing the second one on me. I've never seen that one before! I really like it!

Lori said...

I'm not sure how I got here, but you're hilarious so I'm stickin around.
Congrats on the awards even though they are a pain in the arse.

Big Daddy Autism said...

Holy crap. Your little vote getting prank caused the TMB thingy to open 191 consecutive times. I saw smoke coming out of my monitor.

Anyhoo, apparently, the word "stylish" sure can be interpreted in many ways nowadays.

Laura said...

Badass and snarky are stylish in my book! That's why you deserve the stylish blogger 'ward!

Buutt...not gonna lie. There WAS some gin and tonic involved in the award distribution process! Lol!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Congratulations! You deserved the award!

Allison said...

I'm pretty sure that you had at least one drink before my name came up for stylish blogger. But thanks to you and whatever you were drinking.

You totally deserve stylish blog more than I do, though.

jillsmo said...

Not true! I posted this at 11:00am and I don't start drinking until noon on Saturdays :)

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