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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who's phoning it in? I AM!!

Yesterday I displayed some of my awesome artwork for you fine folks. Oh, stop. Please. There's no need for applause. Oh, my. A standing ovation? Really? That's so not necessary. I'm flattered, though, thank you. Okay, okay. I think that's enough. Okay, you can stop now. No I'm serious. Stop. Stop now. FUCKING STOP CLAPPING NOW, GODDAMIT, I'M TRYING TO TALK HERE!!

Okay! So. Anyway, part of my awesome artwork of yesterday was the greatest picture of a bear that's ever been drawn; I'm pretty sure that was the general and unanimous consensus about The Popsicle Bear Thing©, and in the comments section, my friend Jennie B, who blogs at Anybody Want a Peanut? suggested that my awesome bear should become a new award, with "I'm just phoning it in today" as the title of said award.


Jennie actually had no idea how much of an awesome idea this was, since just a few weeks ago I made a quiz and promised a prize to the winners, and then never actually gave them a prize. This isn't such a big deal, really, except that I have something in mind for what I'm going to post on my birthday (OMG coming up!!!) and I can't offer a prize for that if I never gave a prize to the last people who were offered prizes, right? I've been trying to think of something to give the winners of that contest but have thus far been unable to come up with something.

Until today.

I'll just create a new award and give them THAT! And I'll call it "Phoning it In." Because that's exactly what I'm doing!!!


AND SO.... I hereby present this, the newest, awesomest honor of today's internet.........

.... to the following lucky recipients.....

There are no rules for winning this award, because that would require a whole other level of effort that I'm just not willing to make at this time, so you guys should just do with it what you want.


Damn, I feel like I really dodged a bullet here. Thanks Jennie!!