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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I hope nobody is taking this seriously

Yesterday I was twittering and I told the twitter that I had nothing to blog about, so I asked for suggestions on what I could write about or draw. And I got some! So I got to work.

But then it kind of struck me that maybe there are some people out there who think I take this drawing thing at all seriously. I mean... it's possible, right? Anyway, I always like to clear up any possible misconceptions even before they happen, so here we go.

Just in case anybody was thinking this, let me set the record straight: I can't draw to save my life. I'm not kidding. I'm not putting myself down in order to get compliments, I'm not one of those people who actually can draw but call it crappy, anyway.... no. That's not what's happening here. I'm not trying to be like Allie Brosh or Big Daddy or Kendall... those people actually have artistic ability, whereas I have none. Absolutely none. Not even a smidge. When I make shitty drawings, it's with the intent of making fun of myself.... because I think I'm that bad. I'm not even trying to be ironic; this shit just sucks. But that's what's funny!

So, as the title says, I really hope nobody is taking any of this seriously, because I'm certainly not, and I hope you're all laughing at me, as you should be.

Anyway! Here's what I came up with, via my twitter suggestions of last night. Feel free to steal it and claim it as your own!!! :)

MotherShutter suggested: "How about a grown man screaming like a little girl while wielding a broom & hopping around trying to kill a mouse. In the street."

FoShoKim said: "Me. Draw me pulling my hair out as my kid plays with angry birds for the 10,000th time."

arocky1 said: "how about a tiny terrorist saying damn it.... it should fit nicely in my blog about my three year old this weekend..."

And fetfet50 said I should draw a bear.