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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The YouTube Drill

Regular reader will know that Child 1 is not a fan of drills. The Fire Drill, in particular, and now apparently there's also an Earthquake Drill. These are things that only happen in school, they are mandatory, they are generally unexpected (unless you've talked about it at an IEP meeting, and then the principal will email you notice the night before) they disrupt the normal course of the day and their purpose is to help prepare the kids for what to do in case of a major catastrophic event. He doesn't care about the specifics, he just doesn't like the drills, particularly since he's never actually experienced a catastrophic event before, or even a minor emergency, so he doesn't really understand exactly what it is he's preparing for.  All he knows is that it's unexpected and it changes his routine. Can't really blame him.

Regular reader will also know that Child 1 loves him some YouTube videos. he started out watching videos of BART trains and gradually made his way through to Muni trains, and then BART stations, and Muni stations, and in every station, there is an elevator. So now his latest obsession is the dieselducy YouTube channel, who apparently is just this guy who makes a lot of videos of elevators. I'm not entirely sure what that's about, but occasionally I will see one of his videos that he's made with another person and that other person always seems very autistic to me, so maybe that's his thing. I don't know, all I know is that Child 1 loves this guy. Actually, another thing that I know is that in one of these videos (not the one below) they're in a train station and there's a bell ringing that sounds exactly like the sound my phone makes when my husband sends me a text message, so I'm always hearing it from the other room and pulling out my phone and being very confused as to why there's nothing on the screen. But I digress....

Here's an example. Big Daddy, you can tell Griffin that he's allowed to watch this video as much as he likes, but only if he votes for me every time he does.


Did you guys catch Big Daddy and Lynn on Autism WTF this morning? It was their first show and apparently the topic was "learning how radio shows work." You should check it out and be surprised at BD's very thick New York accent. Yours truly got not one, but TWO shout outs, I'll have you know! Once when they were discussing why they weren't allowed to use profanity, and the other when they were talking about how they have tape of them talking shit about their friends that they need to destroy. I'm so awesome.


So, the other day, apparently YouTube was down, but only for comcast customers; aren't we lucky? Child 1 was not pleased. However, this being the most catastrophic event he has yet to experience in his short life so far, apparently a Drill was required. So, for a while, we did the YouTube Drill. All the lights had to be turned off and we had to be very quiet while we waited for YouTube to come back up. Good thing we practiced! Now we're ready for when The Big One hits. You know, when the entire internet goes down, not just YouTube. I fear the day.....