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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boycott American women!

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this guy. I don't know his name, but he has this blog dedicated to promoting the boycotting of American women, and talks about all the ways women from other cultures are superior to American women and how much American women are horrible people. It's pretty vile, misogynistic stuff; I won't link to it, of course (and I'm sad that he doesn't allow commenting on his blog, because I have no way of fucking with him other than here. *sad*).

He apparently spends a lot of his time visiting women-authored blogs (American women only, I assume) and posting his "mission statement" in the comments of our posts. He's been here a bunch of times and has never once made it past the spam filter on my commenting system; which isn't even turned on. Either I have the greatest spam filter in the world or this guy is so notorious that commenting systems come pre-programmed to expect him. Either way, it's kind of funny that he's such a spammer he can't even get past an inactive spam filter. Nice.

This should probably bother me, being an American woman and all, but honestly it really doesn't. Mostly I just feel sorry for him. He was surely pretty fucked over by an American woman at some point in his life and now he spends all his time trying to promote his message; it's really quite sad. How unhappy this man must be that this is what he does with his life? I feel bad for him. (You know what would probably help him? A nice, long blow job from an American woman. OH! .... too bad....) Hopefully he can find himself a subservient non American women who can make him happy and he can stop feeling so bad about himself all the time.

Anyway, he dropped by here yesterday, and right before I hit "delete" I had this thought: Spending all of your time talking about boycotting American women, and then seeking us out to tell us about how much you hate us isn't the act of boycotting. In fact, what you're doing is called pursuing. That's actually the opposite of boycotting.

I'm just sayin'

EDIT: Since he commented here I was able to track his path. He's following me on Twitter! LOL. Worst. Boycotter. Ever.