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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun with Google analytics

Sooner or later every blogger in the world will write a post about the fun stuff they find while looking through their site stats, in particular the various search terms that people have entered in search engines to lead them to their blog. It's like a blogging rite of passage or something.

And do you know why?

Because it's hilarious.

You look through these search terms and there's a delightful variety of awesome, and you think "wow, that search brought them here?" and "holy fuck, somebody searched for that? People are sick. (Sick and awesome). And it brought them here???"

It's fun. Although, by far the number one search term that brings people to this blog is some variation of "yeah good times jillsmo." Not very original, people. I'm thinking it's time to buy the domain name and save you the extra step.

And so, without further adieu, I present to you my Top 13 Favorite Keyword Search Term Results!

13. out of the mouths of drunks (okay, this one actually makes sense)

12. how to butcher a goat yourself (I'm sure the pictorial provided valuable help)

11. BART trains (kind of proud of this one)

10. drunk elmo (Awwww, I miss drunk elmo)

9. Big Daddy Autism (this one actually kind of offends me. WTF??)

8. hours fuckong (I have no idea but I love it)

7. what a fecking day, and it just seems to get worse (I know the feeling!!)

6. my brain is ruined (OMG MINE, TOO!!)

5. kittens poop rainbows (WIN)

4. can you feed rat poison to raccoons? (I say yes)

3. guy about to kill somebody sleeping (that got them to this picture. Lucky!!)

2.  it makin me yeah (it totally makin me, too)

And my number one favorite keyword search term that somebody used to find my blog......

1. things i can fuck in my house