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Monday, March 7, 2011

My fever addled brain....

.... prevents me from thinking of anything original to write about today. I thought about perhaps re-posting something I wrote when I wasn't struck down by the plague, but instead I'm going to promote some of my friends' stuff (might as well take advantage of this #3 thing while it lasts, right?)

So, go check out this stuff; I'm pretty sure you won't catch anything from any of them. I assume.

  • Cheryl, over at Little Bit Quirky, has been talking lately about when to tell your child they have Asperger's, inspired by the recent episodes of Parenthood. I watched those episodes over the weekend from my death bed and I fucking bawled my eyes out. I thought about writing something, myself, but I don't think I can; at least not right now. So, go read what Cheryl has said! She's a lot nicer (and cleaner) than I am, anyway.
  • Caryn, who blogs at Living with Logan, was recently featured in an article written by Gina, who blogs at Special Happens. Oh, and look! She mentions me! I'm just noticing that now. Heh heh heh. It's a good piece about why special needs parents blog. Check it out!
  • There will be a 3rd installment of Autism WTF on Tuesday March 8th, hosted by Big Daddy Autism and The Autism Army Mom. At least that's what they told me but I don't see it on the page there. Maybe they're lying. They not very trustworthy, those two...
  • Jessica, who blogs at Four Plus An Angel is in the running to be one of the Top 25 Moms Blogs for Parenting Advice and Tips at Circle of Moms. I don't know what that is, but I know that I love Jessica, so click here and then scroll down until you see "Four Plus an Angel" and then hit the thumbs up dealie. You don't have to register or anything.
  • Kelly, at Unplanned Trip to Holland, has a really good list called "What not to say to an autie mom." Me likey. You go readey.
  • Jennie, from Anybody Want a Peanut, was recently syndicated on BlogHer. Seriously? BlogHer? That's like the fucking brass ring of blogging. If only I could be syndicated there. If only I had ever written anything and then submitted it there in hopes of being syndicated. Details, details.....
  • Laura got a new car! And look! It's red and shiny!! (HA HA HA she's going to be so embarrassed by me doing this, I bet... Sorry Laura. I lubs you!!)
  • This is a really good post on Super Mom Undercover about what it feels like dueling with "The A Word" every day. 
  • My brand new best friend Mel who blogs at kamaness has nominated me for TWO Blogger's Choice awards, which you will notice are now over on the left there. Because she's AWESOME, and not because I asked and it's daytime where she is at the moment and she happened to get here first. That part is just a coincidence; it's solely because she's awesome. THANK YOU!! Now, everybody go and read her because she's funny. And awesome.

There are a ton of other blogs and friends I want to mention but I've been sitting up for about 45 minutes now and I think I've reached my sitting up limit for the day. Hopefully I'll have something new to say tomorrow.

In the meantime, though.... PLEASE VOTE FOR ME. THANK YOU.