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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help me get The Stunner!

Note: My husband gave me The Stunner once. It totally wasn't an award, though...

I was thrilled when Q at Thank, Q for Common Sense, my blogger and twitter buddy, asked me to be a participant in his first annual Bloggers Tournament. There are 16(?) bloggers going head to head in a "who is the best blogger" contest and the winner of each round will go against the winner of the other rounds.... uh.... something like March Madness, he says, but I don't know what the hell that means... and the winner of the whole thing will get the soon to be coveted Stunner Award. I submitted a post that I liked and I am now competing against Bob at Squatlo Rant in Round 1 !!!!

I want the Stunner Award. You guys know how (weirdly and obsessively) competitive I am. And since when do I ever ask you for anything?

What? All the time? SHIT! Well, here's another thing, then.....

All you have to do is read the post I submitted and then read the post Bob submitted and then go over to Q's place and cast your vote for whichever post you liked more.

Vote for whichever post you liked more.

Would you like me to tell you which one you liked more? Because I will if you need some help.

This is the first round of, uh..... *cough* rounds total, so you'll be hearing from me again (assuming I make it to round 2. But I think you all know how very very disappointed I would be if I don't make it to round 2).