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Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey, Girl. Help me pick a winner.

There are two things happening on the blog today.

Thing the first! I am linking up with Sunday's Ryan Gosling meme, which she does every Friday and apparently I can only remember about once a month. Here's our boy!!!

Thing the second! And this one was much more difficult: picking the winner of my haiku giveaway thingy. I had 38 haikus to pick from and I could NOT make a decision. So, I copied and pasted them all into a word doc, without any identifiable information, and I asked for help! I emailed it out to a bunch of people and asked them to pick their 5 or 6 favorites. Then I combined everybody's favorites (and my own) into one document, to end up with 11. THEN I gave the list of 11 to hubs, who hadn't seen any of them before and has no idea who any of you even are, and asked him to narrow it down to 6.

Then I took his 6 and made a poll, which you can see over on the left sidebar, at the top. Now YOU guys need to pick. Seriously. Please pick a winner, because I can't. I'll leave the poll up for as long as necessary until you guys are able to take the pressure off me.

Here are the finalists, in no order whatsoever:

I'm out of beer now 
this would not be so sad but 
I'm out of wine too 

My kid is screaming 
I had to wash his blanket 
My ears are bleeding 

I used to do art 
Canvases were fun but then 
I stapled myself 

I live right near you 
So no need for postage, yeah. 
Give me that fucker. 

I need a vaca
With hot tan cabana boys
I really like booze

I like to win shit
But I never get a prize
So fucking pick me 

Please help me with this. Please?

EDIT: Please don't leave your choice in the comments, but cast a vote up at the top left, instead. If my blog is being a bitch to you and won't let you, let me know.