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Monday, April 2, 2012


It's past 11:00pm and Child 2 is still very much awake, and running around.
Occasionally I can see him out of the corner of my eye running from his brother's room and back to his own. I yell at him but he laughs at me.

Earlier he yelled "Mama! I figured out how to bring my hamper into my bed using only a plastic sword!" And then he explained the process to me in excruciating detail.

Just now he informed me: "Mama. I gotta say, I need more love from you. We should spent more time together."

He has promised to stay in his bed, but he claims that he is allowed to get up under the following conditions:

  • To pee
  • To poop
  • To get a drink of water
  • If the room is on fire
  • If he's being attacked by a bear
  • If there's a monster
  • If a bird is trying to rip his eyeballs out of their sockets

The other night he went into Child 1's backpack, took out all of his reading books... and then read them.

Now I can hear him whistling. Badly.