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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Dive Bar Welcomes: Grace

Everybody say it with me: HI GRACE!

I was not in the mood to be fucked with today. At all. My ex-husband must have sensed this from afar, and laughed maniacally, because today he sent me a text message telling me he can’t pick our son up from summer camp this Friday because he is leaving early that morning to help his step-son move back to college in Virginia.

Fine. FINE, asshole, I’ll do it. Because when it comes to caring for this child, who is 7 and has autism, by the way, I DO FUCKING EVERYTHING!!! And do you have any concept of the amount of work involved in caring for a child with autism? NO!! Of course you don’t because you don’t do any of it!! It’s a full-time job just chasing down doctors and teachers and therapists and pharmacists, and running to appointments and meetings. . .but wait!! I already HAVE a full-time job because I am a single mom, thanks to you, and I have to work! I somehow manage to coordinate EVERYTHING related to our son’s care and education, but YOU can’t even manage to pick him up from summer camp.

Once again, you are shirking your responsibility to your own flesh and blood so that you can help your NEW wife take care of HER kids. Once again, our son gets pushed aside so that you can be Father Of The Fucking Year to your step-kids. You are a real stand up guy, taking a day off of work to help your step-son move. Why don’t you take a fucking day off and go to a Dev Ped appointment for your own child one of these days?? You don’t even know where her goddamn office is because you have NEVER ONCE been there!! You don’t even know her fucking name!! But I’ll bet you know the names of all your step-son’s asshole frat brothers, don’t you?

It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve ever pulled this shit. How ‘bout that time you FORGOT to show up for our son’s IEP meeting?? How ‘bout that time you actually did remember to show up for the meeting, but you weren’t paying a damn bit of attention to anything because you were too busy TEXTING with your new wife?? Then YOU STOOD UP AND LEFT right in the middle of it because you had to take your OTHER step-son to baseball practice?? I WAS FIGHTING TO GET OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY FOR OUR SON, AND YOU FUCKING LEFT!!

You are such a fucking asshole. When it comes to raising this child, I do all of the work. ALL OF IT!! If it were up to you, our son would never even see a goddamn dentist. And speaking of the dentist, you are SUCH a jackoff ass motherfucker for sticking ME with the bill for his last check up. Our son has autism! He has anxiety issues and sensory processing issues, not to mention royally fucked up teeth, so he NEEDS to see a pediatric dentist experienced in treating children with special needs. He CANNOT see the butchers your insurance covers. That is NOT what’s best for our son. And spare me your bullshit about how you can’t afford to pay for our son’s dental care out of your pocket. I feel real sorry for you, living in your 5-bedroom house. Maybe if you sold it and just lived in your beach house full-time it would free up some cash for your son’s dental bills. Or maybe you could just take one vacation every year instead of two. Just a fucking thought.

I am so sick of you and your douchebag ways, but I will never be rid of you, EVER. Our son will ALWAYS have special needs, and I honestly don’t know if he will ever be able to live independently, so I guess you’ll be around, not doing much of anything, FOREVER. Yay!!

I have taken so much shit from you, yet I never EVER speak badly about you in front of our son because he loves you. Speaking badly about you would hurt him, so I won’t do it, but do not think for ONE SECOND it’s because I have nothing to say. This is just the TIP of the fucking iceberg, but I don’t want to hog up Jillsmo’s Dive Bar with the 1,500 page diatribe I COULD write about you. And I can’t write about it on my own blog because your sister and brother read my blog, and I don’t need you bitching me out for the ass-kicking they would give you if they knew about any of this. Your siblings still love me, and they know you’re a douchebag, they just don’t know how much.

You are a fucked up man. Have a nice weekend in Virginia with your NEW family, asshole.