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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The obligatory back to school post

School starts tomorrow! Actually today, since this will post on Tuesday, but I'm writing it on Monday, so technically it's tomorrow. You know what? Just shut up.

I don't even have much to say, but I feel obligated to write something. Last year at this time I was freaking. out. about Child 2 starting Kindergarten. He was totally fine, of course, and to all of you other parents out there freaking. out. about Kindergarten right now? They'll be fine. Probably. Most likely. I'm almost sure of it.

We have awesome teachers this year. Not that we haven't had awesome teachers every year, because all the teachers at our school are awesome, I just didn't always know going into the year that they were awesome because I didn't know them before. This time I do, though; in fact, I'm Facebook friends with both of them.

Child 2's teacher was Child 1's teacher for the first few months of his 1st grade year, but we transfered him out because had a lot of sensory issues and not a whole lot of IA support at the time. It will be an awesome fit for the high energy, very loud, very funny, very talkative, very opinionated Child 2, though. (huh. when I describe him that way he kind of sounds like me. weird) and she was absolutely my first choice for him (not that I actually get a choice, though, damn kids without IEPs!) so I'm happy. The only bummer is that his little BFFs aren't in his class. There were 3 of them and they were all split between the 3 classes. He doesn't mind, though, I asked him if he was sad and he said "no. not really." He is SO much more well adjusted than I am....

Child 1 also has an awesome teacher (she'll probably read this, by the way. Quick! Everybody look innocent!!! :whistle:) and was also my first choice for him. Actually she was my only choice for him because I have actual evidence of her awesomeness, and none of any of the others. So, I'm happy. It's hard to tell with Child 1, though, how he's feeling about things. He's not much of a "sharer" about his feelings. We just have to start the year and see how things go, although he's already started talking about fire drills. Yeah.

So, there's my obligatory back to school post! How did I do? By the way, in case you were wondering: I said "awesome" 7 times in this post. (That one doesn't count because it's in quotes.)