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Friday, August 5, 2011

Shit's about to get REAL, @MollieisOKinUK

I've been challenged. AGAIN. I've been fucking challenged again! Why do people keep challenging me for stuff? Is it my filthy mouth and bad attitude? Actually, yeah, that's probably why.

Well, okay, then! I've been challenged, but this time.... to a Draw-Off!

Wait. WHAT?

My Twitter pal Mollie, who blogs at OK in UK (for some reason) has challenged me to a drawing contest. I can't remember why, exactly. I think it was because I asked her what was going on with her Twitter avatar there....

Ninja Hippopotamus of Awesomeness!!!

I think she was offended that I didn't know what this was but in my defense, Mollie, it was this size when I asked you about it:


ALSO I think I was drunk at the time. I mean, I don't actually remember when we had this discussion but it's a safe assumption, right? Anyway, she challenged me.

But.... little does Mollie know... poor, poor Mollie.... is that I happen to be a semi-professional artiste! (Assuming, of course, that in this context "semi" means "not even a little bit" and "professional" means ".  No, really.") She wasn't expecting that I would have mad skillz, yo. (Ew. Sorry about that "mad skillz, yo" thing I just did)

This is her challenge to me:

Oh, yeah? I can totally do that, Mollie.

What's next, Mollie? BRING IT ON.....