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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Social media tips from @jillsmo

Let's say you're following somebody on twitter who annoys you. You think they're a whiner, you think they talk too much about getting drunk or something, you think they're a shitty parent.... for whatever reason, you don't like them. You no longer wish to read the things they have to say about their lives.

This is potentially a very common problem for those of us who use social media, and so I've decided to use my vast social media experience and give you guys some tips on how to deal with a terrible situation like this.

If the offensive behavior is happening on Twitter, here's a simple button you can press that will instantly alleviate you of your crushing burden:

And on Facebook? There's a similar button!

Here's what you should NOT do, however:

Because.... why is being an asshole necessary?

The answer is that it isn't: being an asshole is not necessary. It makes you angry, it makes other people angry, it causes unnecessary fighting; it's just bad shit, in general. If something bothers you so much that you feel the need to say really, really shitty, personal things to somebody you don't even know? Fuck off and keep scrolling.

In short, my social media tips can be summed up with this handy graphic, which you are free to use and share:

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