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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fashion is stupid

The boys all went to the beach today (without me! Yeah!) and this morning as I'm packing up bags for the little ones I'm noticing that they could both use some pants. So, naturally, I just use that as an excuse to go to my Happy Place (Target). So, later on I'm at Target, wandering around the kid clothing section, but all they have there is shorts. No pants, except jeans, which isn't what I'm looking for. Why do they only have shorts there, in May? Because some schmo in the fashion world decided at one point that X month is when they start selling clothes for summer and Y month is when they start selling clothes for winter, and I am currently in the incorrect month to be needing pants.

This is stupid, and for more reasons than you would think. Okay, put aside for the moment the fact that this is Target we're talking about and I should be keeping my expectations at an appropriate level. Also put aside the fact that it's May, it's going to rain on Monday, today it's 55 degrees outside, and nobody needs shorts right now, because I get the general idea that seasons change and at some point you're going to need to purchase some shorts, so eventually they're going to need to put them on the racks even if it's raining today, but there are NO pants: anywhere. I could offer to whore myself out to some Target employee for a pair of size 5T pants for boys and I would simply not be able to get them. (And please don't ask me when was the last time I did laundry because, as far as you know, that is irrelevant to this discussion).

Okay, so we've put all of that aside, right? The stupidest part of this is that I live in a climate where it's only hot for about one month out of the year and if you live here, you just don't need this many fucking shorts! Didn't they even think of that when they were stocking the shelves? Unless you're one of those freak kids who wears shorts every day of the year regardless of the weather, if you live in the Bay Area you're going to need some fucking pants, even in the summer!!!! But the best part of all? THE BEST PART OF ALL??? That one month - the ONLY month -  when it's hot here, is September. And if you were going to need shorts in the one month where it's hot here, would you be able to buy them? No, of course not, because in September all you're going to be able to get at Target is FUCKING PANTS!!

Fashion. It's stupid.