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Friday, May 28, 2010

WTF did I just say?

You just have the laugh at the geniuses who decided it was okay for me to be a parent. Okay, I guess those geniuses would be the hubs and me, so, yeah, go ahead and laugh at us, because this is the conversation I just had with Child 2, who was frustrated that he's not doing well at a computer game he's playing:

Child 2: AWWWW, the robots keep cheating!

Me: I'm not sure that robots CAN cheat.

Child 2: Yes they are, they keep cheating!!

Me: Well, then, maybe YOU should cheat.

Huh? Did I just tell my child to cheat, as some sort of life lesson? Good thing he never listens to me.


Anonymous said...

this is a trick question, right? if your kid is properly duct taped and in the closet s/he won't be having any problems with cheating robots.

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