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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Proud of my boy

That says "nuzzle nuzzle." A very common occurrence in our house, although we almost always have faces at the time.

Child 2 has an assignment for school. It's to take a scenario that his teacher chose and write a story from it: his scenario is a student sitting at a table with a teacher.

His story is about this student who got into trouble for punching another kid and is now having a "conference" with the teacher about the incident. The kid (who doesn't have a name that I can tell) "acts very angry all the time." It was his first day at a new school, he got into a fight with another kid, and he punched him. But this nameless boy's father is sick and the boy has gone to stay with his grandmother while his mother and father go to a different state to seek treatment. Nobody at his new school knows about his parents, they just see that he is angry all the time. The reality is that he's scared and upset and worried about his parents, but it comes out like anger because that's how he expresses himself, and maybe if he could make some friends he wouldn't be so angry all the time.

I'm so goddamned proud of him. At 7 he already has more empathy than most adults.