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Friday, May 24, 2013

Sick of it

I'm sick of judgment.

I'm sick of the high horse.

I'm sick of high and mighty; of "I'm better than you."

I'm sick of the double standard.

I'm sick of being mocked, for who I am and not because of anything I've done or said.

I'm sick of bullshit, non sequitur semantics arguments.

I'm sick of being made the bully, while others make themselves the victim.

I'm sick of the rallying cry, "come see what this person has said about us!!" while the sycophantic crowds follow.

I'm sick of being the target of somebody else's projections.

But mostly I'm sick of the ignorance. You don't know me. You've never met me. You've never even spoken to me. You've never even tried to communicate with me, and yet you think you know me? You think you know what I think? You don't know shit. You know nothing.

You want me to be your "ally" ? How about YOU FIRST?

I've tried to be reasonable. I've tried to see all sides. But all human beings have their limits and you have pushed me to mine.

I'm sick of being made the enemy. I'm sick of being made the fool; by angry people who do nothing but play out their mommy issues with anybody they encounter who has the title of "parent."

That's not "advocacy." That's fucking irrational insanity.

You don't speak for my child.

You're not a fucking civil rights movement.

You speak for yourself. That's all you do.

And I'm sick of your shit.

Also? I'm turning off comments, because I'm no longer interested in your opinion.