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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blog of the month for November, plus a present for its owner

This month I'm putting in my sidebar the awesome hand drawn logo of Bec, who blogs at Snagglebox - Autism Parenting Support (and can also be found on Twitter here and on Facebook here).

Bec's blog is an awesome resource for autism parents; it's informative and helpful, but most importantly... it's FUNNY. You might remember Bec from a previous The Funniest Thing I've Seen All Week where I laughed my ass off about Tarzan and pronoun reversals, but this month she's getting her own spot in my sidebar. Because the world needs to know about Bec, she's simply not famous enough, and I know that by doing this I will get her at least two new readers. Maybe three.

Oh, and then there's one other thing...... I don't exactly remember why, but at some point I told her I would draw a picture of myself in a french maid's uniform. I was probably drunk at the time (obvs) and I seriously don't even remember the discussion, but she has reminded me that I owe her this, and I always follow through on my promises of shitty artwork. Always.

So, Bec.... here you go. Enjoy! :)