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Friday, June 28, 2013

That's just something that happens when you have kids

Yesterday I had a meeting with the new Executive Director for one of the nonprofits I work for. It wasn't a very formal meeting but it was still my first meeting with the person who is my new supervisor. We had a nice time, she's very cool. Young. Man, I'm old. But that's not my point at the moment.

Afterwards she's walking me to the elevator and we're wrapping up our chat when I reach into my pocket to grab my keys and out of my pocket flies a bright pink chip clip. It lands on the floor at our feet, in this nice, air conditioned, fancy office building we're in.

Why do I have a bright pink chip clip in the pocket of the pants I'm wearing to a work meeting? Well, the answer is that I do not know. Why do we parents have anything in our pockets, really? It's all kid related, somehow. Chip clips, and used bandaids; maybe some ketchup containers, those plastic wrappers that come off the straws that are attached to juice boxes. Any number of random items can be found in the pockets of our fancy work pants. As parents, we know this is not unusual.

So, I casually bend down to pick it up from the fancy carpeted hallway floor, and as I do I say "That's just something that happens when you have kids; random things will come flying out of your pockets like that."

She probably thinks I'm crazy now. She probably wouldn't be wrong, either.