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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ask me about my vagina

I spent a lot of time, in my college days, being noisy and loud about women's rights; reproductive rights, in particular. You would hope that now, 20+ years later, we wouldn't still have to be loud and noisy to protect our bodies. But not only does it seem like things haven't gotten any better, it has possibly gotten even worse.

I won't go into details, I think you guys know what I mean. Then again, if you want me to go into details, let me know, because I can do that. (You can also read this if you want my uncensored opinion about feminism)

You may have noticed I have this banner in my sidebar

<-------------------- over there

that says "Bow to my magical vagina. Come November it will shut you down." See, I saw that awesome graphic on the website of my friend The Guerilla Mom, and immediately grabbed it and put it in my sidebar. But then I had the idea to create a twibbon (a little graphic that you can find on some twitter avatars that are generally used to relay a message of some sort) to also make the point that I Have A Vagina And I Vote.

I tried to draw one, but quickly discovered that my shitty artistic abilities would not suffice in this instance, so I asked my friend The Animated Woman if she wouldn't mind whipping up something awesome for me. I said I wanted a happy vagina that made people think "Wow! Vaginas are terrific!" when they looked at it.

She, of course, did not disappoint:

This vagina goes to 11
She also made me a twibbon-sized version of Ms. Purple so that I could create a Twibbon page where anybody can go to change their current twitter or facebook avatars to show to the world that you, too, have a vagina and you vote. (Sorry, men. Maybe you can borrow your wives' or girlfriends' for the occasion? Or maybe you can just add one and then when people ask you can make up some awesome story about it.)

So, if you would like, you can go here to add your twibbon. It should be pretty easy, but let me know if you have any problems. (I don't make any money from this or anything; just a point).

And don't forget to Vote Vagina on November 6th!