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Saturday, June 26, 2010

NT kids are trippy

First of all, NT = Neuro Typical, although if you're reading this there's a really good chance you already knew that. It's just a short-hand way of describing any person who doesn't have autism. Professionals use the term "typically developing," and I've always thought "NT" was meant to be a little disparaging, usually because it's used in the context of "things those NT kids can do that my kid can't." I've heard the term "uber-NT" before, which is meant to describe a kid who is so far from being on the spectrum it makes you a little nauseous; like "I hate that fucking uber-NT neighbor kid, I wish he would stop asking so many inquisitive and creative questions. He makes me sick!"

Anyway, Child 2 is, without a doubt, uber-NT. Man, I would have hated him if he belonged to somebody else when Child 1 was that age. But what's so weird to me about NT kids is this odd phenomenon called "having friends." Child 1 has never had a friend; he's never wanted to play with anybody, never wanted to go to somebody's house, never talked about another child, never shown an interest whatsoever. I've come to accept this as a normal thing that kids do, and it always surprises me just a little bit when I see kids playing together and laughing and having fun. Is that what kids do? That's weird. VERY weird!

Yesterday Child 2's best friend H (the one who can run faster than a cheetah), H's brother C and H's awesome mom who is awesome came over for a playdate. It was REALLY WEIRD. This is the first "friend" that's ever been to our house, it's the first "friend" we've ever had, actually, so it was all totally new for me. They were here for about 4 hours and Child 2, H & C ran all over my house and laughed and played and made up games and had a fantastic time. Child 1 was here, as well, and completely ignored them for the most part (which is what I would EXPECT a child to do in that situation!)

Now Child 2 is playing with his cousin (Child 1 is sitting in the room with me whispering to himself). They're outside talking about cars and friends and trucks and possibly even dinosaurs and I don't have to prompt anybody or force them to stay in the same room or offer a reward for saying "nice to meet you" or anything like that.

It's weird. NT kids are weird.....


Kat said...

I wouldn't know. Frankly, I think you are making all of this up.

Kelly said...

Oh, no, gentle Kat ... I can vouch for said statements. Child 2 here is similarly annoying and "uber." The only difference in my house would be Child 1 getting in everyone's face and screaming "HI!" or hugging and kissing boys/girls alike, and then possibly stripping down to his skin and prancing all over the backyard -- like a forest sprite celebrating the lovely Spring.

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