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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm too stupid for parenting, part 1

I say "Part 1" even though I don't have any more of these stories right now because I think we all know that there will be more of these....

Child 2 is playing a video game, it has something to do with planting plants or something, I don't know (who monitors this kind of thing, anyway?). He's all excited and is running into the kitchen every 45 seconds while I'm making dinner to make a report on his progress. Here's how the last one went:

Child 2: Mama Mama! It was SO cool. The plant gave off seeds and the seeds grew into new plants all by themselves! I didn't know plants and seeds could DO that!

Me: Oh, yeah, that's how plants work.

Child 2: How?

Me: UHHHhhhhhh......... (SHIT! Why isn't your father home??!?!???) I'll tell you when I'm done with dinner.

Child 2: OKAY!   runs away, all excited to come back and learn about plants

NOW what do I do??


Nobodyspecial said...

Make something up! It's not like it matters at his age! All you do is tell him that seeds are like tiny baby plants and ll they need is sun, wather and dirt to grow, just like you little one, but you need food, sleep and mommy.

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