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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I dream of spiders

The other day, I was taking a nap. (Ahhhhh. Naps. Just thinking about a nap makes me happy) It was between the hours of 10:00am and 1:00pm on Monday, so it was while the kids were at school; and I was really tired. I was still recovering from my Thanksgiving weekend adventures, and I was extra "sleepy." But since it was during the day on a school day, I had in my mind that little worry that I really needed to make sure I was awake in time to go pick up the kids. Sure, I had set an alarm, but still... I'm compulsively punctual and even the vaguest idea that I might be late for something causes that little nagging feeling in my big, dumb brain. Unfortunately, when that little nagging thingy happens, it will inevitably manage to work its way into my dreams somehow. So... I had that going on, plus I was really tired and I was crashed hard. The combination of the two things created some interesting anxiety dreams that I thought you guys might find amusing.

Okay, so... you know how when you're asleep, and you've got that nagging thing in your head that I just mentioned, you will dream that you actually get up, and get dressed, and get moving, etc? This was kind of like that, and in my dream I was lying in bed and I forced myself to open my eyes (it was REALLY hard) so that I would get up. Except that was the dream, I don't actually know if my eyes opened in reality or not, but regardless... once my eyes opened, I looked in front of me, and I saw this....

A spider, hanging from a web which was attached to the ceiling 8 or so feet away... with way too many legs. Right in my fucking face. And I thought "wow, my contacts must be really blurry, look at all those extra legs that guy's got!" For some reason I wasn't scared or freaked out at the idea of this mutant spider hanging out in my face, and my first thought was that this would make a funny rage comic (evidence of my dangerous reddit addiction). I closed my eyes and then opened them again, and instead of the original mutant spider, a new mutant spider had taken its place.

And I thought.... what happened to the other spider? Did I blink him away? Are my contacts clearer now and therefore some of his legs have been removed? And he changed colors? And got smaller? How is that even possible? I'm confused by this, I should just close my eyes again.

And then when I woke up (for real) a few hours later, I inspected the wall to see if either of the spiders were still there. Did they just disappear? Did they crawl back up their web and up to the ceiling? And then I was like..... OOOOHHHHHHHH...... those were dream spiders! Neither of them existed at all! Well, shit! I can't make a rage comic about this! I'd better just blog about it.

The brain is weird.