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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why I support gay marriage

I'm saying WHY I support it, and not THAT I support it, because honestly there should simply be no question about it. There is no rational reason why somebody should not support the idea of two people who love each other getting married. I don't even want to hear any explanations about it, because if you don't support gay marriage? You're just wrong.

Today is the hubs and my 12th wedding anniversary. Long time, right? We had been together for 8 years before we got married, and we had never really had any plans or intentions to make it all legal, at least not in the beginning. Neither of us really saw the necessity of having a "contract;" because if you love somebody, why do you need a contract?

That was when we were young, though. Young, with no kids and no money. Then my brother got rich and was very generous with his family and suddenly.... hey! We can buy a house! No kids yet, but why not put down roots, right?

So, we have a realtor, and we're making offers, and the realtor asks us how we were planning on taking the title once we made the purchase. There were a couple of options, but it would be a lot easier if we were married. Less paperwork, she tells us.

So, off we went to Vegas, with a couple of friends, and we were married in the back seat of a limo in a drive-thru chapel. No ceremony, no family, no hoopla; let's just get this shit done and then go drink and gamble! 

Because being married would mean less paperwork when we bought the house.

And less paperwork was easier.

And that was the only reason.

And we were able to do this so easily because I'm female and he's male.

Does that seem fair to you? Because it doesn't seem fair to me. 

What does that say about the "sanctity" of marriage?

Oh by the way: Happy Anniversary, Hubs!