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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Whole Lotta Nuthin

I would really like to start blogging again. I don't even know how it happened that I stopped, other than shit going on in my life. It's hard to be funny when you feel like shit all the time, as you can imagine. But, things are better now and I'd really like to somehow figure out a way to get back to it. I don't really know how, though, but then I thought that I also didn't know how to start blogging when I first started and I somehow kind of sort of figured it out along the way.

And I had some real pieces of shit back in the beginning; I mean, worse than the pieces of shit that came after it. For example, Why Snark is Like Bacon, I Have Nothing To Say, Next Blog, and the always awesome Blogging Is A Very Lonely Activity (it turns out that it's only lonely if nobody reads what you write).

So, I figured what I'll do is just type something up every day, even if it sucks. It's like when you start exercising again after you've taken a three year break; start slow and eventually you'll re-build those muscles if you keep at it. Not that I have any personal experience with taking a three year break from exercise, of course. I just mean that's what I've heard. The difference now, of course, is that back in the beginning I only had my mom, husband and 2 friends reading. Now I have.... more, somehow. So I need to explain that you guys should not expect anything good. I'm working on my muscles, you see. And it's probably going to suck for a while. Bear with me.

Bear by Allie Brosh, of course