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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I have no time for passive aggressive bullshit

Oh my god it makes me crazy.

YOU know what I mean. The person who says cryptic things; possibly talking about you but definitely not to you? I. CAN'T. FUCKING. STAND. IT.

If somebody has something to say to me? Just fucking say it. Don't go behind my back and talk shit, don't stop talking to me because you're a big baby and you're afraid to speak up... just say it. Or fuck off! I have no time for this shit!  I've got all kinds of shit going on my life, both online and not, and don't have the time (and I definitely don't have the interest) to sit there and try to figure you out. "OMG. Did I say something wrong? What's going on? Are they talking about me? Are they mad at me?" I no longer care.

Now, before anybody accuses me of being a hypocrite by posting this seemingly passive aggressive post of my own, let me just tell each and every one of you right now that if I have a problem with you? You are going to know know about it. I should actually amend that previous statement to say that "if I have a problem with you and I care about your opinion...." In the last few weeks people have been coming to me with links to blog posts and they say shit like "Is she talking about you???" Well I have no fucking clue if somebody is talking about me, unless they use my name, so my answer is always "no." Because how the fuck am I supposed to know? And since I don't know, my answer is NO. They are not talking about me. Somebody else must have gotten their panties in a twist, but it wasn't me. So, I assure you that this post is not actually passive aggressively (passively aggressive?) directed toward any one (or two or three or four) person in particular.

I just wanted to make a general statement, one that I've made before, in fact; about 2 1/2 years go. If you've got something to say to me? Just say it. Otherwise? Fuck off.

Look! Here's how you can reach me and tell me whatever your problem is with me. How exciting!!!! jillsmo@gmail.com

P.S. Despite me having said that this post isn't about anybody in particular, if you still don't believe me? ASK ME. I'll bet you $500 the answer will be no.

P.P.S. I don't actually have $500 so you should probably take that bet, because I might have to owe you.