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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog hop what, now?

I'm new to this blogging thing. I'm also new to this blog hopping thing, but that isn't stopping me from joining all these hoppy things I keep running across, especially ones from moms who have blogs that say "fuck" in them. I like those. Heh heh heh. Yeah.

So, I have no idea if I'm doing this right, or what, or if I'm not, what I'm supposed to be doing differently. I assume that since this is the internet somebody will tell me if I'm doing something wrong, so... here's my first blog hop thingy. Yay!?


Yep, I'm doin' it wrong. I'm also supposed to link back to where I started from, and there are also rules which I should post, and apparently some questions I should answer. I'll do the first 2 and then get to the questions after I run out and grab kids from various places around town.

Brought to you by...

we truly are AWESOME fukin ladies and if you are NOT following us... you're a moron, and you should be...
so with that said... pull out the naughtiness... follow the damn rules and link up ladies!!!
AND send in your naughty question suggestions (look i'm like Dr Seuss..) to 'life as i see it' and maybe we'll use them next week!!!

Link up below!!!

This weeks questions:

1. When did you first realize you had a naughty streak?
2. Have you ever stolen anything? What? why?
3. Have you ever cheated at anything?
4. Your most used position for sex?
5. One place or thing that's in your fantasies but rarely or never in your sex life.


SB said...

would be good to know where you are hopping from but hey no one fuckin cares as long as you are hoppin right :p

Nibor said...

I can't believe you're making us wait for the answers to the questions. Bitch.

B said...

I came across your blog, saw that you enjoy mom's that say "fuck" a lot in their blogs and said yeah..this is my type of bitch. Following!

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