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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uniquely Child 2

Child 2 went to this preschool that I call "Veeeeeery Berkeley." Picture a preschool created in Berkeley in the early 70s, apply every stereotype you have about Berkeley and imagine what that preschool would be like. Yeah, that's how it was, just like what you're imagining. I also call it "clothing optional," and I've been saying that Kindergarten is going to be a strange culture shock for him when he learns that he's supposed to keep his clothes on all day long.

Well, this morning another mom, whose child also attended this preschool, stopped me on the yard with the following information:

Other Mom: I had to help (your child) get dressed yesterday. He started taking his clothes off on the yard and I stopped him and said "I think we're supposed to leave our clothes on here."

Me: Oh, man, it was just a matter of time...

Other Mom: And he asked me "are you sure?" so I had to ask his teacher if you're supposed to keep your clothes on in Kindergarten; she said you were.

Me: How far did he get?

Other Mom: He got his shirt off and was just about to take off his pants when I stopped him.

That's my boy!


Anonymous said...

Sniff...I miss that place. Thanks for posting.
H's Mom.

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