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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My fabulous son

"Your fabulous son" is the subject line of an email I got this week from Child 1's teacher. I really like her; she wants to troubleshoot some issues we're having and she's being very proactive about it; I really appreciate that. I don't think he has a crush on her, anymore, since he put her through the testing period that he puts all teachers through in the first few weeks and she did not pass his "nice" test, which means she doesn't let him get away with shit. That's actually good, because a good teacher will never pass his nice test. He doesn't agree. We'll just have to figure out how to come to terms with that.

Anyway, I'm cleaning up in here and avoiding the massive pile of laundry in the corner that's literally taunting me (massive piles of laundry can be VERY verbally abusive), and I found the following and wanted to share:

About a month ago hubs was sick, and I'm driving the boys home from school and telling them how Daddy is sick, and Child 1 says "He's sick? I'm going to make him a get well card and make him feel better." And sure enough, as soon as we get home, he wrote out his card and then presented it to hubs. All on his own with no prompting or help from anybody.

He's fabulous. :)