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Friday, September 3, 2010

The kid called my bluff

I hate it when they do that

Me: Child 2, go brush your teeth.

Child 2: But I'm too tired (repeat ~5 times)

Me: Do you want to go to the beach tomorrow?

Child 2: Yes!

Me: Then you'd better go brush your teeth.

Child 2: Why? What would happen?

Me (I'm not the one taking them to the beach tomorrow, and I won't even be around when they go, and he damn well knows this): UHHHhhhhhhhhh.....  then, um.... you.... uh.... can't? go to the beach?

Child 2: Actually I will go to the beach tomorrow, but I'll go brush my teeth, anyway, or they'll get all rotten and fall out. Except these two (points). Because they're healthy and in the shade.


Anonymous said...

he's an amazing kid....definitely from my side of the family :)

jillsmo said...


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