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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mini autism rant of the day

I was browsing my Facebook suggestions of who to follow and I came across somebody with this in their profile:
I am successfully recovering my son from autism through Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
Okay, um: no. No you're not. First of all, you don't recover anything through Traditional Chinese Medicine. When my brother was dying, he went to some dude who was apparently the Dalai Lama's doctor, so apparently really good at Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the guy put him on this crazy diet which was supposed to cure him. So, for the last year or so of his life he wasn't allowed to eat poultry or mustard, or other seemingly random things that had absolutely no effect on his cancer but just forced him to limit his diet in his final days. Let me tell you, that last Thanksgiving was pretty difficult, he couldn't have turkey, and he also couldn't have the stuffing which was cooked inside the turkey, so I made him non turkey stuffing, which just wasn't as good, and which sucked for him because he always really loved stuffing. How fucking stupid is THAT? 

If you deprive your child with autism of mustard will that cure their autism, I'm wondering?

Okay, it's true that there are actually a number of different kinds of autism, each manifesting itself in essentially the same way (social, language, behavioral problems, etc.) and there's a theory that one of the types of autism is an environmental disease and by fixing the environmental harm to the body you will fix the autism. (This is not the case for Child 1, he's got the regular old run-of-the mill infantile autism, which is without question a genetic neurological condition and IMO has not been impacted at all by his environment; not diet, not vaccines, none of it). But maybe the kids with the regressive autism and the leaky gut syndrome might actually benefit from not eating mustard and taking a handful of mysterious herbs every hour? I'm sure this person is seeing SOME benefit from that. And if they are, by the way, I think that's awesome and I totally support whatever it is they're doing for their child that is working for them. But "successfully recovering" somebody from autism? I don't buy it. If you can successfully recover your child from autism I say he never had autism in the first place. Take that, Jenny McCarthy!