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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I wish I was in DC today

All of the articles I've been reading about this rally start the same: "It's meant to be a parody of a political rally but it feels like it's a real political rally." And then they go on to interview people in the crowd who all say pretty much the same thing: "I'm tired of the extremists taking over the political discussion.... We need to take the polarization out of politics. Hope is still alive and we are here to signify that."

Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, FUCK YEAH!! I have no other words of wisdom.


Dani G said...

me too!! I was just looking at pics online of the rally and the signs people brought and held up are cracking my shit up!! They're amazeballs. Can't wait to watch a recap.

jillsmo said...

I watched it live on Comedy Central but missed the first hour. I'm sure it will be on again. And again. And again. That's after the Scrubs marathon, of course. And then the next Scrubs marathon.

Autism Mom Rising said...

The first hour u missed was mostly music and the myth buster guys. I wish I were there too. Mel of the blog stirrup queens was there & will probably have pics up tonight. When that woman's head was stomped on in Ky that rattled me. Autism had had me sidelined from civic involvement these last few years but I think it is time. Jon's speech at the end left me speechless.

Cheryl D. said...

My sister went! She said that Comedy Central was REALLY unprepared for the crowds that showed up! They only had one big screen set up, so she couldn't see anything. She also said it was hard to hear everything said. But she had a blast anyway. She really enjoyed reading everyone's funny signs and just having the experience of being there!

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