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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Descent into madness, Day 1: So far so good

So, I'm finishing up my first day as a single parent and I'm happy to report that everybody is still alive. It helped that Child 2 had a 4 hour playdate in the middle of the day, so I was able to get some quality alone time with Child 1, which I NEVER get to do. He's so passive and sweet and so easily pushed aside by bigger personalities, and Child 2 has always had the personality of 10 kids his age, and it's usually the 3 of us together and it's all C2, C2, C2 all the time. So, it was very nice to spend time with him today, he just operates on a completely different wavelength than I'm used to. He processes things very slowly. I actually learned last year from our beloved Speech Therapist that when you ask a "normie" a question, we generally need about 3 seconds to process the question and respond, and she told me that when I talk to him I should ask and then wait, because he's processing what I've said, he just needs some time. I learned that he needs 6 seconds to process a question (so I'm always asking.... and then counting to 6.... and THEN asking again if I have to, but usually the 6 seconds is long enough and he'll get there) So things with him are slower, but he's SO sweet and kind and beautiful and wonderful and I was happy to hang out with him alone for 4 hours.

Yeah, we went to Target, where he was allowed to pick out anything he wanted. Fuck it, I'll spoil the kid for the day, it's so unusual that he gets to choose anything without C2 input. He chose: tortillas, bologna, jello, chocolate ice cream, hamburger buns and a 50-pack of markers. And he skipped the whole time we were there; he's so fucking adorable! He says "Mama, look at my funny run" and off he goes skipping down the paper towel aisle. And I let him play with the elevators for a while; he wanted to open the doors, run in, press the button and then run out before the doors closed. We encountered many normies who didn't quite know what to make of this behavior. Fuck 'em, I didn't explain and didn't care. Let my child do what he wants in Target on a Saturday morning, you jerks!

Then once C2 was home it was all him him him as usual and C1 was shunted to the background to watch his BART videos. I was then forced to watch YouTube videos of kittens some more, and occasionally was able to free myself, hence the weird blog hop below. (Feel free to add made up shit to that, by the way, I've done my experiment and am over it). I've actually been REALLY bored. Somebody needs to volunteer to entertain me for the next few days!!!

They're still awake now but we're winding things down which means I can start watching porn pretty soon. I mean, um.... reruns of House. I'm going to watch reruns of House on Hulu. *cough*


Q said...

Yeah, that uh, "House", is uh, a truly good show, huh? I watch a lot of "House".

LOL! Congrats on Day One!

Tina@ www.theteethingmom.com said...

"Mama look at my funny run" is the most raw and endearing phrase I've heard in a while. Can I have C1 for a day? You can have my giant for as long as you want.

Also, need my brazzers.com account info?

Cheryl D. said...

Enjoy your porn!

Nobodyspecial said...

My child one seems to get nervous in social situations. So when other adults are involved, he talks constantly, interrupts, and if you try to intervene he just talks louder over you. My child 2 is a princess with a maturity level that is usually higher than mine. This usually results in child one thinking I like child 2 more since she requires less discipline.
"You Porn" is a good website recommended by Dane Cooke.

Anonymous said...

you crack me the hell up!

thanks for following my 'new/old' blog!!!

TMWHickman said...

What did Child 1 do with all those markers? I hope he drew a picture for Mama...of a beautiful train.

Lynn said...

I forgot that Targets in Cali had elevators. Not so much here where they are all on one level. Everyone knows that elevators are the greatest entertainment ever.

Unknown said...


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