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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Descent into madness, Day 2: The easy part is over

Definitely the hardest part about this pretend single parenting I've been doing is not that I'm responsible for everything; the food, the clothing, the entertainment, the bed times, etc., it's that there's nobody here to take over when I need to say "OMG GET THIS FUCKING KID OUT OF MY SIGHT OR I'M GOING TO LOSE IT." I just have to deal with it and hope I don't fucking snap. Weekends are easy, though, since nobody has to actually be anywhere at any time unless we want to; it's the upcoming week that's going to be hard. I'm working every day, it's still parent/teacher conference week so they're out ridiculously early every day, if you were going to fear for the life of anybody in this house, it would be in the next 3 days. Just FYI.

My kids are such a cliche, during the week I have to drag their little asses out of bed to go to school but on the weekend they're up with the fucking birds, and this morning was no exception. The exception, though, is that they were up an hour earlier than the fucking birds because of the fucking time change. FUCK! Also: FUCK! Luckily our awesome babysitter who is awesome needed some money so she came by and hung out with them for a few hours while I went back to sleep. It was quite amazing how much of a better mood I was in when I woke up the second time. Imagine that.

Pillow-Pet Volleyball. Not kidding about that. Observant readers will notice that he's still wearing the same shirt he was wearing yesterday when I took his picture. Non-observant readers will now notice that because I've pointed it out.

But it rained all day so we were stuck inside playing Pillow-Pet Volleyball for much of the day. There are a lot of really arbitrary rules in Pillow-Pet Volleyball; at one point I was winning 502 to 1 but then I accidentally knocked off the velcro and turned it from a pet back into a pillow and I lost all my points and ended up losing the game. I really need to get myself to practice more often but it's hard, you know, with the schedule and the work and stuff. There was also much tormenting of cats today. Those poor, poor cats....

Tune in tomorrow when we find out which of the cats has scratched which child and what the results were!


Cheryl D. said...

Ah, good times! Good luck this week!

Lynn said...

I was just bitching to my mom about the sleeping in on weekdays but not on weekends thing and she reminded me that we always used to do that. The bitch.

RacersMommy said...

OMg weekends are the only time I am thankful for the brats in my house called teens.

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