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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fuck you and Flip-Off Friday

Fuck you and Flip-Off Friday brought to you by the lovely ladies linked to above. I don't usually participate in these kinds of memes, mostly because I can't ever think of anything to write and if I'm presented with the challenge of "write about such and such RIGHT NOW" my mind just goes blank and I have to walk away from the computer. Today, however, I was thinking about all the people I'd like to tell to fuck off, anyway, and I thought HEY! It's Fuck Off Friday! Let's join the meme, shall we? Yeah, so, I'm a joiner today.

I think there's something wrong with me. I know, you're not surprised, you already thought there was something wrong with me, but this one is different. I somehow manage to be surprised, day in and day out, at the inconsiderate and disrespectful nature of people. You would think that after 40 years of being on this planet I would have learned that lesson by now, but no. People's disrespectful bullshit is a constant surprise to me. I don't know why, am I an eternal optimist? That doesn't really sound like me, does it? And yet, I get equally pissed and outraged every time somebody does something that I really should have seen coming. Because people are rude and inconsiderate and they only care about themselves. I know this. Don't you know this? We all know this. And yet... I'm a fucking idiot? So, I think I need to flip myself off for being such a fucking sucker. I think that, deep down, I'm hoping that I'm wrong about humanity so I continue to give them another chance, kind of like that shitty friend who only calls you when there's something wrong, and then only talks about themselves and never even asks you how you are. For some reason I insist on keeping these shitty friends around because, I guess, I'm hoping that this time I'm going to be wrong about them, and this time they're going to be different. But, no, I'm wrong every time, and yet I still manage to be surprised by that... EVERY TIME. I am, literally, living Einstein's insanity theory. As if you needed another reason to think I was crazy.

Our next Fuck You goes to our new friend Ann, who continues to piss me off, three days later. I don't think I need to elaborate here, I said it all in that post there. Fuck you, Ann!

Last week I got a postcard in the mail that a local Thrift Store would be sending their trucks by my house and if I wanted to donate anything I could leave it outside the night before with the postcard attached. So, yesterday I put out a bag of clothes, a dresser and a lamp, which was inside the bag of clothes. This morning I come out to find that somebody (not the thrift store, because I found the postcard, in the gutter) had gone through the stuff, taken the dresser, removed all the clothes from the garbage bag they were in and put all the clothes on TOP of the garbage bag, next to the lamp. And, my postcard was in the gutter. And it rained last night. So all the clothes were a wet mess and the fucking lamp is probably totally broken now. So, fuck you, scavengers. You couldn't have at least put the fucking clothes back in the bag, could you? No, because you're an asshole. I hope you got hit by a car while you were driving the dresser home on your skateboard.

And, of course, to the myriad of assholes I share the 880 with 2 mornings a week: I have a relatively short space in which to merge 3 lanes and if you're not going to let me over, then at least speed up and get the fuck out of my way so I can get in behind you. FUCK YOU, TOO.

Have a great weekend everybody! HA HA! Yeah.


Big Daddy Autism said...

Whew. Glad I didn't make the list.

Fuck you Ann.

Fuck you fair weather friends.

Fuck you failure to yielders.

LilPixi said...

Love the last sentence in the 2nd to last paragraph. lol

I just read the post about fucking Ann.
You know what strikes me odd about it is that about a month ago a very similar sounding "Annie" stuck her nose in & made a seriously rude comment to a female blogger on a VERY sensitive subject. I wonder if it's the same douche bag.

Fuck you, Ann, Annie, Asshole!

And Happy Friday, Jill!

tulpen said...

Ann is a fucking frigid douche canoe.

I have a fucking friend like that. I'll never learn. Either will you. It makes us better friends though you know. Karma win for us!

Unknown said...

That's a very nice way of looking at it

Cheryl D. said...

LOL! Too funny!

I'm still an optimist! I do believe the bulk of people are nice, caring, considerate people. Unfortunately, it's the jerk-offs that we notice.

What surprises me is how many people are totally crazy. That always takes me by surprise.

Lynn said...

I love Fuck You Friday. Now I've got that Cee-lo song going through my head.

880 is hell on earth.

Nobodyspecial said...

If you go to my local radio DJ morning guys web page http://www.drakezeke.com/
You can scroll down to the bottom leftish side to see a flaming middle finger with the words "eff you 'till Monday" under it. If you click on it and become a memer, you can listen to the song they play every Friday morning. It's funny.

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