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Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the reddit logo dude, made out of crushed granite pieces or something? Are you fucking kidding me? This is AMAZING!!!!!!

You know reddit, right? I talk about it here often. They have this Secret Santa thing where they match people up from all over the world and we send each other gifts. It's an enormous undertaking and fantastically successful. Check out their statistics page: They have 17,544 people participating, from 90 different countries; it's really quite amazing.

So, you sign up to participate, and then they match you with a person you're supposed to send gifts to. The idea is that you should put some info about yourself in your profile and the person can stalk you around the internetz and find out what you like so they can get you awesome gifts. Well, the person who got me.... damn. I got her gifts in the mail today, and when I say "gifts," I mean it. She sent me two packages with EIGHT wrapped gifts inside. LOOK!

Oh, man, did SHE do her homework. She must have found my blog because she got the kids all these crayola toys, like, literally the things they've been seeing commercials for and asking me to buy. And she got me the most hilarious thing EVER. A Home for the Holidays Survival kit, complete with earplugs and a fucking FLASK, and a set of cards called "Excuses to leave a family holiday party early," with options like "I've been downloading illegal music on your computer and now I have to split before the cops show up" and "I just sobered up and realized where I am."

And, the reddit logo dude that you see up at the top, which she made by hand. She is obviously a very talented artist, whoever she is, except I can't find a damn thing about her on reddit, I only even know that she's a "she" because she signed it "From The Unicorn aka Lisa." Here's her reddit profile, I was totally unable to stalk her and can only link to that. I hope she finds this, because I have more pictures I want to show her, but since I don't post pictures of the kids here, I just have to hope that she'll contact me so I can email them to her.

This is absolutely incredible. I am blown away by the amazing generosity of a complete stranger. In case you were thinking that the world is a fucked up, horrible place, remember that there's a woman named Lisa who lives in Florida who is incredibly fantastic and generous and wonderful. THANK YOU!!!!!


Cheryl D. said...

Wow! You scored big time!

tulpen said...

That is so cool. If I weren't so lazy, I mean BUSY, I'd totally participate.

Mittens said...

Why don't you message her on Reddit?

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