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Thursday, December 16, 2010

So tired. So very very tired.

Before I begin this post, please go read this and then come back.

I'll wait.

Okay, you're back? Great.

So, I've been trying to figure out a way out of this horrible sleep cycle I've gotten myself into. It must end. I've started by talking to Child 1 about it. Have to start somewhere, why not start there. At bedtime we've been discussing the issue of "what happens when you wake up in the night" and "how you should stay in your bed and not come into mine" and "Mama just might die of fatigue one of these days." Okay, not that last part. Anyway, tonight we were discussing it again and I was being very clear that you should stay in the bed that you fell asleep in until it's morning, and this is what he tells me:

"No. I go to sleep in my bed and then I wake up when it's still not morning yet and I come into your bed. That's how it works."

"Why?" I ask.

"Because that's just how it works," he says.

He's right, you know. That IS how it works. I couldn't do anything but agree with him. And I only have myself to blame for this being the way it works in this house. And, again, I have no idea how to make this better.

Gotta love how well he explained that, though, right? He was very clear, very concise, and, of course, very correct.


Jean said...

That kid knows what he's about. Could we please borrow him to sort out the Irish economy? XXX (p.s we've been playing musical beds in our house for years, and not in the fun way)

Karla Telega said...

When my daughter was 18, she would still crawl in the bed if I was in there trying to nap or sick. Nothing like having someone snuggle up to you when you have a 110 degree fever.

Big Daddy Autism said...

I have the perfect solution for you. It will end your night time troubles. I'll tell you all about it after my nap.

jillsmo said...


tulpen said...

Love his explanation. How very zen of him.

Cheryl D. said...

I think the "Mommy might die of fatigue" angle is not bad!

Pie Maker said...

I say go with the death threat, then maybe he will be so scared he will never sleep again thus eliminating the need for him to be in your bed. There. Problem solved! No need to thank me, your happiness is all the thanks I need!

Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't help to hear this happens to other people too, but we totally do the exact same thing at our house. Right down to the attempt to present a logical argument (usually at 3 am) to a child too young to follow it.

The good news for you is that my chronic exhaustion keeps me from concentrating at work, so I'm reading your blog instead.

jamiebartley said...

This is so funny. My step son did not crawl into bed with us we would however find him asleep outside our bedroom door or on the floor beside our bed every morning. It was spooky sometimes. I follow your blog and I have your button.

Not Just Another Mother Blogger! said...

What if you made him a video social story, since he likes Youtube? Make it a video of him going into HIS bed for the night and sleeping there until morning? (you could have him get back in his own bed in the morning and video that, I suppose) Would that maybe work?

I just thought that since he likes to watch YouTube that perhaps you could use that to your advantage. Good luck!

Margaret said...

We have had many sleep negotiations over the past 11 years. Our daughter still likes to climb into bed with us and would rather be with us rather than in her bed (note she is now over 5 feet tall!)

So the way I handle the coming in and wanting in our bed, is that I let her set up a bed on the floor. She can get the sheets, the blankets and brings in her pillow. Maybe you can even try setting up the bed on the floor before hand.

I also did the talking thing and then you could try giving a date as to when it changes, maybe with a calendar.

Sometimes I let her have 5 minutes in the bed with me before she has to move to the floor.

Good luck! It is possible. It may be how things are but not how they have to be forever!!!

Lynn said...

Very entertaining to read my comment to the old post that you linked to...when I was all determined to crack this nut. It did get better for a while...and still is better than it was...but her little dimply butt is still in bed with me when I wake up in the morning.

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