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Monday, April 30, 2012

Two shameless brags. Because I can.

Today I will be bragging about my kids. I know, it's uncool to brag about your kids, but fuck it. Today I will be bragging about my kids. Because my kids are awesome.


Child 1 is obsessed with calendars right now. Pictured above is a blank dry erase calendar that he has been filling out and erasing and filling out again. He'll ask us to pick a month and a year and then he'll fill it in. I'm sure it's 100% accurate every time, I don't actually check. Anyway, part of his calendar obsession has been talking about dates in the past, and things coming up and such (it reminds me of Griffin). This weekend was his tutor's birthday, and on Saturday he says "Today is April 28th, it's Karen's birthday." And then he asked me for my phone so that he could call her and wish her a happy birthday. He had to leave her a voicemail and it was his first one, so I helped him out. He said "This is Child 1. Happy Birthday. Goodbye."

So fucking adorable.


I was doing homework with Child 2 last week and this was his math problem:
Since this is 1st grade math, I'm pretty sure the goal of having to explain his answer was for him to show that he understands that half of fruit bar A is more fruit bar than half of fruit bar B, so he's probably supposed to say "I want half of fruit bar A because there would be more for me to eat." Instead, he looks at it for a while and then he says "Fruit bar B." "Why?" I ask. "Because I don't like fruit bars."

It reminded me of the time when we were participating in the Infant Sibling Autism Study at the MIND Institute, he was maybe 18 months, and they gave him one of these things and showed him how it worked:

The test was to see how he handled being frustrated by something, because he wasn't supposed to be able to make the toy work. Instead, he made the toy work, and then played with it. I guess he failed that test.

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