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Friday, February 22, 2013

How you can help #TeamIssy

A while back I posted a link to my friend Kelli's blog about the situation with her autistic daughter, Issy, and her aggressive behaviors.

Since then they've received thousands in donations that have made it possible for Issy to stay in the residential program for another 23 days!!!

But there's still more you can do to help support Kelli and Issy:

Follow them on twitter at TeamIssy

Like their Facebook page at TeamIssy

But right now we're trying to get The Ellen Show to take notice.

Please consider clicking here to go to Ellen's nomination page and nominating Kelli to be on the show.

When you go to the page I've linked above, put your info on the form and talk about Kelli and Issy in the message.

You can say something like: I would like to nominate Kelli Stapleton and her family. This is a really great family who has tried to do everything for their daughter. Issy has autism and is trapped by her aggression. Her mother has had several serious injuries from Issy. Currently Issy has a brief stay in a treatment center but insurance and the department of health is denying to pay for full treatment. If you could just bring attention to this problem I know it would help Issy and many other good families falling through the cracks in the system. They are 'Team Issy' on Facebook or @teamissy on twitter.

For a picture, use the one at the top of this page.

Thank you!!!