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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Minecraft playdates

This is the cake I made him for Child 2's birthday last year. I swear I had blogged about it but I can't find it now.

Child 2 is a Minecraft fan. This weekend he asked me if he could move from playing on the iPod to playing on a server on the Xbox. I'm a little nervous about that, because he's only 7, and online gaming can be pretty brutal. He's very likely to have somebody tell him his mother sucks cocks or something, and really, he's just too young to be hearing about what his mother does in the privacy of her own bedroom. The cock sucking discussion can wait until he's at least in high school, don't you think?

But then I remembered that I have lots of online friends whose kids play Minecraft, and I bet some of them play on the Xbox, too. Hey, if I know their mothers, I'm sure their kids are cool. And knowing the kind of moms that I meet online, there's no way in hell any of them would let their kids tell another player that their mom sucks cock. I know I sure wouldn't!

So, I went onto Facebook and posted a message that we were looking for friends, and I immediately heard from a few with their gamertags. Friend requests were exchanged and new worlds were created! Soon they were blowing up zombies and finding diamonds and pumpkins in no time. He was THRILLED.

Sunday, however, was the funniest day. He had made a friend of creeperboi whose mother, Jennifer, is a Facebook friend. Jennifer has the setup with a microphone, so on our end of the TV we could hear them talking, but they couldn't hear us because we have a different setup. Jennifer and I were chatting on Facebook while the kids played and we worked out this system where creeperboi would say something, Child 2 would respond, I would type his response into my FB chat window and Jennifer would relay the message.

Things got confusing, though, and both kids would forget about the nuances of our fancy communication system. They were both constantly talking, but only we could hear them, and I kept having to remind Child 2 that creeperboi couldn't actually hear him. He kept yelling things at the TV, to no avail. And I think creeperboi forgot, too, and started talking into Jennifer's iPad, thinking he could speak directly to Child 2 that way. And Child 2 kept dictating things to me: "Tell creeperboi's mom to tell creeperboi that I was underground near the lava but I didn't find the diamond. Sad face." (He actually said "sad face" to indicate that I should make a frowny guy). I would also relay messages like "tell creeperboi we have his bread!!" and "I have to go pee now." That last one did not happen inside the game.

The part I found the most funny, though, was that I could also hear everything that was going on in Jennifer's house. Her 4 other kids, playing their own games and music.... asking what was for dinner.... I would type something into the FB chat and then I could hear her laugh on my TV.... it was really funny. The whole thing was like this great big playdate, only in 2 different time zones.

It was awesome. The kids had a blast and Jennifer and I laughed our asses off. We'll definitely be doing it again!